Everyone loves butter, everyone understands the importance of butter and everyone knows how simply wonderful it is when spread it on a piece of freshly baked bread, or when it is mixed with some freshly minced garlic and smothered over a steak.

Now how on earth could you possibly make butter any better?

Well…. You could always make it yourself…? And what if we were to tell you that you could make your very own fresh butter in just over 10 minutes?

We are going to show you exactly how you can make your own butter.

You Will Need:

Are you an avid coffee drinker? Is popping into your local Starbucks or Costa part of your morning routine? Yes? Good. Coffee is a wonderful thing and some would say a vital part of life.

Now, do you take your coffee to go? If so, are you taking it in your own reusable coffee cups? No? Oh dear, I am afraid to say that your little disposable morning brew is contributing to the 100 billion cups that make it into the world's landfills each year.

Not to worry, there is a way to avoid being a contributor to this statistic.

Firstly you need to purchase yourself a gorgeous, sturdy and fashionable reusable coffee cup. Why not use an Ecoffee bamboo coffee cup?

By now we can’t escape it, Christmas is coming.

With only a few weekends to go before the festive season is upon us, our minds turn to buying presents, planning our Christmas menu, and making sure our stocks of wrapping paper, tape and cards don't run out. With all this preparation going on, it leaves very little time to spend sprucing up your home ready to receive your family and friends.

With the arrival of Christmas, hordes of family and friends will be keen to fill your home with festive cheer. But before your home becomes overwhelmed with decorations, people and presents, set aside some time for a bit of a clean up and some well deserved TLC for your home.

Autumn is the season when your garden starts to wind down once all the frantic growing and flowering activity of the summer is over.

At this time of year as you look around your garden you will notice the leaves are starting to change colour and begin to drop, berries are looking ripe and seed-heads are appearing in your flower beds. This is a sure sign that it is the end of the growing season and for the gardener, the time to start preparing your garden for winter.

The great British summer, short-lived as it may be, is packed full of opportunities to enjoy a bit of time away with friends and family while the weather is fine.

Picnics, summer festivals and long camping weekends are great ways to unwind and shake off those cobwebs, but fun as they are you can be a bit limited to what you can take along with you. There are a few essentials that we just cannot do without, such as a good picnic rug that doesn't blow away in a light breeze - or that tube of sunblock to put on your nose. Here are a couple of other essential items we think you cannot do without:

The good old British summertime, no matter how fleeting, would not be the same without the customary barbecue party. Dusting off the charcoal barbecue grill at the first sight of sunshine is a British tradition that has become as common as drinking tea!

Perfect BBQ Party

Image Source: Flickr

But before you dig out your most hilarious apron and go shopping for your food and drink, we have put together this helpful guide to cover all of your essential tools for a perfect barbecue party.

Home-brewing has long been seen as a pursuit for only two kinds of people: the extremely learned individuals whose microbreweries supply the pubs of the nation with the delicious craft beer that we so enjoy; or the overly ambitious shed-tinkerers who push their barrels of barely-stomachable booze on their drinking buddies when it’s their turn to buy a round.

The reality is, you don’t have to be a beer crafting pioneer to make a tasty pint at home. Brewing it yourself (BIY) is both cheaper and healthier than drinking at the pub. And we’re going to show you why in this Mahahome guide.

The humble Shopping Trolley has been around for years, and while they have long been reserved for grannies doing their weekly shop, these practical mobile shopping bags are now considered both highly fashionable and environmentally friendly.

A godsend for those who shop on the high street, Shopping Trolleys allow you to transport much more than you would be able to carry in standard plastic carrier bags, and as they are now available in a variety of stylish colours, sizes and designs, there are perfect for fashion-conscious consumers who want to shop in comfort and style.

Ahhh, what could be more comforting than a breakfast of poached eggs paired with hot buttered toast? But this also makes for a tasty brunch too, or for a fanciful twist, why not rustle up that classic dish of Eggs Benedict for a delicious lunch for two – and so much easier too when using poached egg pans!

People have been poaching eggs since humans discovered fire, but there is a certain knack to poaching eggs without making them taste wet and soggy. How many times have you tried to poach eggs directly in boiling water only to have them break apart, go all stringy, and end up looking like a snowman's head having a bad hair day?

With Shrove Tuesday just days away, the supermarket shelves are getting stocked full of pancake mix, lemon juice and golden syrup in anticipation. Let Mahahome make your Pancake Day a little easier…

Are you getting in a bind over batter? Are you frightened of ‘The Flip’? Anxious about getting the filling just right? Don’t panic! Pancake recipes can look so simple, you’re often left wondering what the catch is - but they really are that easy. Even if you aced pancake day last year, you may have already forgotten what you did right. With a few essential tools, we can help you make Pancake Day 2016 perfect.

Don’t let the rain rain on your parade. With record showers hitting the UK this winter, we take a look at some of our best products that will help you stay dry.

Punch Black, 300 ml Raingard Weather Proofer - £5.57

Punch Black Weather Proofer
Puddles can put an end to dreams of wearing new shoes. Luckily, this can of weather proofer will infuse even the flimsiest footwear with water-defiant properties.

It works on more than just shoes. If you’re worried about water seeping through your bag and soaking your possessions, buy yourself some weather proofer and worry no more.

The roots of the modern terrarium may be in the 1800s, but the aquarium-like plant environment has become a home decor trend in the last year. Part of their appeal is how different they can look: from lightbulbs to lab flasks, there’s a variety of glassware that can bring an interesting twist to the composition.

If you’re put off by how intricate they appear or your lack of gardening knowledge, there’s no need to fear. Regardless of how green-fingered you consider yourself, making a mini-garden with a terrarium is an easy and low-maintenance way to brighten up any room whilst satisfying your creative urges.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. There’s much mistletoeing. Hearts are a-glowing. But now you’ve got yourself involved in a secret santa situation and you have no idea what to get. Fear not! We’ve got you covered. Here are our top 10 secret santa picks for all your secretive gift-giving needs.

Kilner Drinking Jar - £2.45
If you’ve got your finger on the pulse you’ll know that drinking from a jar is the only way to consume liquid these days. From cooling cocktails to warming winter beverages, every drink looks and tastes better in a jar. Your secret santa recipient will remain hydrated and on-trend at all times.

At Christmas it’s better to cook too much than too little. So when the dinner’s over, there may well be something left. If someone didn’t scoff all their sprouts or stuff themselves with their stuffing, put it away for another day. Here are some ideas on how to safely store your Christmas leftovers, and what to do with them when your digestive system has recovered from the festive season.

Potatoes, Sprouts, Cabbage, Stuffing


Bake Off fever has swept the nation and applications are now open for Bake Off 2016.

Has GBBO inspired your inner baker? Now is the time to start practising - or if you’re not competitive, it’s still a great excuse to just bake. Dust off your recipe books and for extra inspiration, here are some scrumptious creations by the bloggers at My Baking Addiction.

To make sure you have what you need in your bakeware selection, here's the Mahahome ultimate guide to essential Bake Off bakeware:

Christmas parties are always a success when the right people are invited, but making it feel like a special occasion can certainly feel like a lot of pressure. Here at Mahahome, we love to imagine how our products might get used and we have come up with some ideas to make sure you get the perfect Christmas party.

Save yourself some money - and all that time in the rush hour Starbucks queue - by brewing up at home and taking it with you on your commute. At Mahahome, we have all the equipment and accessories you need, whether you’re after a double espresso shot or a foamy latte.

Bodum Travel Press Review

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or lover of gourmet teas, your first brew of the day should be something to savour. But in reality, most of us don’t have time to grind our own coffee and blend our own teas before running to catch the 08:12 to London Victoria.

So, good planning and great accessories are an essential part of the day.

There are many advantages to buying your homewares online rather than going to physical stores and these advantages extend beyond simple price.

Since our homeware stores are all located in London we have created to offer these products nationwide and internationally. This can allow anyone to take advantage of some of the best designer homeware products and tools at prices that really do save you time and money.

When investing in top quality homeware brands like Luminarc, you can realise significant savings when buying online from us.

The Luminarc brand is particularly well thought of because the products have been designed to pass the most stringent of tests - that of everyday use! Luminarc have invested a lot of time ensuring that their products are tempered where possible to ensure that they are more resilient to bangs, dings and even drops. This can result in their items being two to three times stronger than many competitors.

So what does that get you?

Discovering a homeware sale is always great if you are looking to refresh your dining experience on a budget.

At Mahahome we have a wide range of elegant and beautifully realised products that can be available at impossibly low prices. For you, however, it could mean the opportunity to find that brand you always wanted to invest in but couldn’t quite justify in terms of price.

Just how much of an effect do beautifully designed pots and pans have on a kitchen?

The answer is: a considerable effect. If you have a kitchen to be proud of (or even if you don’t), the sort of homewares you are using could be the tipping point in your impression of it.

If you live in an area where you’d rather filter the water, or you simply like to drink water that’s fresher and cleaner, then there’s no better brand than BRITA.

BRITA are well established in the water filtration industry and have been supplying household filtration solutions for the better part of fifty years. They are the go-to people for British families across the land, a trusted brand to provide cleaner drinking water than you may get from a tap. The breadth of BRITA’s range is deceptively large and they have every size of water filtration jug in many different colours along with the necessary cartridges.

When it comes to maintaining the temperature of a particular drink or food item, there is no better brand than Thermos.

The term Thermos has become a genericised word throughout much of the world for an object that might be referred to as a vacuum or Dewar flask.

The brand Tefal is not commonly associated with value homeware but at Mahahome you get such a fantastic price that you might wonder how we’ve done it.

Like many other people at this time of year, you may well be thinking of losing the winter flab and getting yourself fit.

And, whilst plenty of regular exercise in the fresh spring air will no doubt help you to achieve this, it is not the only thing which will affect your waste line.

Indeed, what you eat plays a major part in how fit you are; so, if you’re looking to improve your overall level of fitness, you will need to throw away your takeaway menus and get your kitchen equipped and ready to cook up plenty of healthy, nutritious meals.

So, what exactly do you need to achieve this?