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Bodum Travel Press Set Review

Bodum Travel Press Set Review

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or lover of gourmet teas, your first brew of the day should be something to savour. But in reality, most of us don’t have time to grind our own coffee and blend our own teas before running to catch the 08:12 to London Victoria.So, good planning and great accessories are an essential part of the day. Coffee shops and tea houses are popping up all over the place, and while some of them are very good, it never tastes quite like it does at home, and after having more than my fair share of plastic coffee cup ‘incidents’, I decided to look for high quality portable cafetiere or French press that I could fill at home, and enjoy on my way to the office. An innovative Danish Company that has been creating everyday life accessories for over 70 years, Bodum is most famous for its highly rated Bistro French Coffee Press and Assam Teapot, but it has evolved with the times and now offers a great range of portable presses and travel mugs for people on the go.

The Travel Press Concept

The Bodum Travel Press Set is a portable coffee (or tea) maker that comes with two different lids. The first lid is fitted with a coffee press and closable drinking spout, so you can make freshly ground coffee or loose leaf tea infusions as you are heading out the door. You simply add your preferred coarse coffee grounds or tea into the bottom, fill with boiling water, screw the vacuum lid securely into place, wait for a couple of minutes, depress the plunger – and off you go! The second lid has just a drinking spout with stopper (no plunger), so it can be used for any type of beverage really. Ideal for those who prefer filter coffee, you can get your coffee maker going while you are in the shower, top up your thermal travel mug, screw on the lid and enjoy on your commute.

The Design

For optimal heat retention, this stylish coffee mug is made from stainless steel and finished with a colourful silicone band that will brighten up every morning. The band is branded with the Bodum® logo, but it is ergonomically designed for comfort, and it matches both the lid and the non-skid rubber base to create one cool looking travel press! It can hold a full 350ml (that’s 12oz if you still work in old money), so you don’t have to compromise on your daily caffeine dose. It fits in most cup holders, so it is perfect for long journeys in the car, and unlike those paper cups from high street coffee shops, it keeps beverages warm for at least an hour. The Travel Press Set is available in classic black and 4 retro shades including off-white, red, purple and lime green. It’s reasonably priced for what you get, and good value for anyone who is looking for a versatile travel mug. Bodum Travel Press Red

The Pros and Cons

The Bodum® Travel Press Set is a fantastic accessory for busy professionals who like their coffee on the go. It is lightweight, it keeps the contents warm for your entire commute, it’s large enough to hold a big girls coffee, and best of all, it looks fab! If you enjoy grinding your own coffee at home, this trendy travel mug will work perfectly for you, but it might not work for everyone, and here’s why… Bodum® designed this travel mug for use with coarse coffee grounds and loose tea, and as such, the plunger doesn’t reach the bottom of the mug. If you fill it correctly, you can expect the perfect beverage every time, but if you don’t add enough tea or coffee into the bottom, you may well end up with a mouth full of coffee grains or tea leaves – which is not a good start to any morning. Once you have depressed the plunger, the only way to add your milk and sugar is via the drinking spout. This is not a huge issue, especially if you are working on a flat surface, although it is a bit fiddly, and could get messy if you are standing on the train! Once you have added the aforementioned milk and sugar, there is no way to stir your coffee, so the only thing you can do it give it a gentle shake. However, you can avoid this ‘problem’ by adding your sugar with the coffee grounds or tea leaves before pushing the plunger down, and the milk will soon infuse with your favourite blend. The Bodum® coffee and tea press is extremely robust, and when the silicon lid is screwed tightly into place, you might think that you can pop it into your handbag or rucksack, but for safety reasons, this travel mug does not have an airtight seal, and if you don’t keep it upright, you could end up with a bag full of your favourite brew!

Who’s it for?

If you love freshly ground coffee and fine teas, but hate the commercial concoctions found on the high street, the Bodum® Travel Press is for you. A great gadget for busy professionals, students, and working mums and dads who rarely have time for their morning coffee, it gives you the freedom to make your own brew at home, and enjoy it in the car, on the bus, or commuting on the train.

In Conclusion

The Bodum company has been around forever, and as any tea or coffee aficionado will know, they manufacture some of the finest tea and coffee makers available on the market today, and this travel mug doesn’t disappoint. It’s modern, it’s practical, and it works exceptionally well if you use it as intended, and if you are looking for a portable coffee press for work and play, you might struggle to find anything better at this price point. Liked This Blog? You might like this too 21 Must-Have Health Foods 2019

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