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How To: Be Your Own Barista and Save a Small Fortune

Save yourself some money - and all that time in the rush hour Starbucks queue - by brewing up at home and taking it with you on your commute. At Mahahome, we have all the equipment and accessories you need, whether you’re after a double espresso shot or a foamy latte.

On average, we spend nearly £400 each year on takeaway coffee - a staggering amount that’s sure to give you the jitters, whether or not you’ve just had fresh cup. With two thirds of British coffee-drinkers getting their daily caffeine fix from café chains, the country’s coffee consumption is at an all-time high.

The typical cost of a flat white in London is £2.53, so if you buy just one of these at the start of a working day, that amounts to £640 over the course of a working year. That’s a ridiculous amount of money to spend on your morning wake-up call. In the knowledge that you could get a couple of well-earned weekends away, or a few meals at a Michelin starred restaurant for what you spend on coffee over the course of a year, there’s no excuse not to be your own barista.

For a Superior Morning Coffee

Although pre-ground beans are an option, baristas recommend whole beans for better-tasting coffee. A kilo bag of beans makes around 65 cups, which means you only need to restock every two months or so.

Tefal Coffee Grinder £14.49


Once you’ve bought the beans, you’re going to need to grind them. This grinder, which can be used for spices as well as coffee, will help you get an artisan-quality drink at a local caff price.

Price & Kensington To Go Mug £2.49


No more worrying about about burning your hands or finding a bin - just pick up this handy to-go mug.

Total: £16.98

For a Flat White or Latte

Typhoon Stovetop Espresso Maker £11.66


The foundation of a good flat white is a decent shot or two of espresso. Getting it ready should take no longer than five minutes; simply add the ground beans to the espresso maker along with water, warm it up on the stove, and turn off the heat and leave for a couple of minutes once the coffee begins to bubble.

Bodum Milk Frother £24.99


You’ll also need some milk to top up your latte or flat white. While it’s possible to heat up the milk in the microwave, investing in your own milk frother will make for a more authentic and delicious drink. Again, those in the know are happy to share advice online about how to get perfect frothy milk every time.

Total: £16.98

For an Americano

Bodum Travel Press Set £11.10


If you’re simply in it for the buzz, this is an ideal way to let your coffee percolate while you’re in line at the bus stop. Take the plunge on this ingenious mix of travel mug and cafetiere.

Grind enough beans for a standard cup of coffee (add more if you like it stronger), and pour into the Travel Press cup. Add hot - not boiling - water into the cup and close the lid. Leave for 3-4 minutes, and lower the plunger.

Prices valid at the time of writing (30/11/2015).