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How To: Get Christmas Food Storage Right

How To: Get Christmas Food Storage Right

At Christmas it’s better to cook too much than too little. So when the dinner’s over, there may well be something left.

If someone didn’t scoff all their sprouts or stuff themselves with their stuffing, put it away for another day. Here are some ideas on how to safely store your Christmas leftovers, and what to do with them when your digestive system has recovered from the festive season.

Potatoes, Sprouts, Cabbage, Stuffing

Potatoes, Sprouts, Cabbage, Stuffing

Where to Store It - Airtight Containers

Keep these leftovers as fresh as possible in these affordable airtight containers. They won’t keep the food until next Christmas, but they will keep it long enough to make something delicious.

What to Make - Bubble and Squeak

Scraps of anything can be fried together to create your own unique bubble and squeak, but here is the BBC’s bubble and squeak recipe if you’re stuck for ideas.

Turkey, Ham, Chicken (or any kind of meat)

any kind of meat

Where to Store It - Freezer Bags

The meat may be the focal point of the Christmas dinner, but with all the trimmings and extras, it sometimes gets left out in cold. Use these freezer bags to keep your meat for another day.

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What to Make - Soups, Stews or Sandwiches

You can do anything with this frozen meat. Make like Monica from Friends and craft the perfect Turkey sandwich. Slow cook it with some veg and gravy to create a mouth-watering casserole. Or cook up some soup and add meat to the broth for extra protein.

Christmas Pudding

christmas pudding

Where to Store It - Pudding Bowls, Cling Film

No matter how delicious, Christmas pudding can easily get left over at the end of the meal simply because people get carried away on the main course. To make sure the pudding crumbs stay fresh, put leftovers in these pudding bowls or wrap them in cling film.

What to Make - Ice Cream or Souffles

Simply mixing leftover Christmas pudding with a tub of vanilla ice cream makes a delicious Christmas leftover dessert. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, you could bake the leftover pudding with sugar and egg whites to create Christmas cake souffles.

Prices correct at time of writing (26/12/2015).

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