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How to: Have a Perfect Barbecue Party

How to: Have a Perfect Barbecue Party

The good old British summertime, no matter how fleeting, would not be the same without the customary barbecue party. Dusting off the charcoal barbecue grill at the first sight of sunshine is a British tradition that has become as common as drinking tea!

But before you dig out your most hilarious apron and go shopping for your food and drink, we have put together this helpful guide to cover all of your essential tools for a perfect barbecue party.

Check Over Your Barbecue

If you have an old barbecue sitting idle in your garden shed, then make sure it is in perfect working order before you start using it. Most people tend to neglect their grills during the winter so check to see if there is any rust or corrosion that could lead to it becoming unusable or even dangerous.

Most barbecue grills will be in need of a good clean before use, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves for a bit of scrubbing. Mahahome can be of big help to you here with the Landmann Pure Three Edged BBQ Cleaning Brush. This sturdy brush has a unique design to help get in between the grill bars for a deep clean and is great value for money. With its comfortable handle and high-quality stainless steel design, your barbecue grill will be sparkling in no time at all!

Need a New Barbecue?

If you old barbecue has seen better days, or you don't actually own one, then it will be no surprise to learn that most experienced grill chefs agree that a traditional charcoal model is hard to beat when it comes to barbecuing meat for the best possible flavour.

Luckily, Mahahome can also help you here too. The size of the barbecue you need will depend on how many people you plan to cater for at your party. We have a nice range of charcoal models available to suit your needs, so if you are looking for a great value option that can feed up to 6 people, then the Landmann Grill Chef Wagon Charcoal Barbecue may be the perfect solution for you.

This great value barbecue is large enough for 6 people, yet is small and neat enough to fit a patio or terrace where space is tight. It has an enamelled fire bowl, chrome plated cooking grill, a wooden storage shelf, and a very handy side shelf where you can put your sauces and cooking utensils.

If you plan to impress your guests and need a more stylish and sophisticated model, then this Landmann Grill Chef Pedestal BBQ may be more to your taste. Made from stainless steel, this sleek little number will look good in your garden as well as provide a good few years of service.

Don't Forget the Tools!

No one attending your party will be impressed to see you struggle to flip burgers and turn sausages on the grill with inappropriate tools! You could also end up giving yourself a nasty burn in the process. Ouch!

Choose long-handled stainless steel tools for your barbecue for effortless control. Remember that grill surfaces are incredibly hot so steer clear of using plastic tools that could melt and ruin your barbecue as well as your food. Try the Landmann Selection Stainless Steel BBQ Turner for ease of use, as well as the Landmann Selection Stainless Steel BBQ Fork for spearing those slippery little sausages that always try to escape the grill.

While you are on the Mahahome site, remember to stock up with plenty of barbeque charcoal. It will save you money to buy a few large bags to see you through a summer of grilling without having to restock.

How To Tell if the Grill is Hot Enough

Now that you are all set up for your barbecue, you need to make sure that the coals are hot enough to cook all of your food thoroughly. You can do this simply by holding your hand as low over the grill as you can (without actually touching it of course) and counting out “one juicy burger, two juicy burgers, three juicy burgers.....etc.” Do this until you cannot hold your hand there any longer. If you can get all the way to five or six without having to move your hand – it is not hot enough to cook with.

Remember to test your food to make sure it is done. There should be no pink bits in the centre of your meat. Let your meat rest for at least 10 minutes before being eaten. Put your meat into a large dish and tent it with silver foil to keep the heat in. The meat will rest and reabsorb some of the juices to make your meat even more succulent and tasty!

We hope you enjoy your barbecue party and can make the most of the British summer weather while it lasts.

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