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How To: Pancake Perfection

With Shrove Tuesday just days away, the supermarket shelves are getting stocked full of pancake mix, lemon juice and golden syrup in anticipation. Let Mahahome make your Pancake Day a little easier…

Are you getting in a bind over batter? Are you frightened of ‘The Flip’? Anxious about getting the filling just right? Don’t panic! Pancake recipes can look so simple, you’re often left wondering what the catch is - but they really are that easy. Even if you aced pancake day last year, you may have already forgotten what you did right. With a few essential tools, we can help you make Pancake Day 2016 perfect.

Don’t flip out


Everyone thinks that the first pancake is always going to be awful. And of course, it will be...with that attitude. There are a few “scientific” reasons to account for the poor quality of the dreaded first pancake: the batter needs to sit for around ten minutes - partly to allow it to get to room temperature, and partly to allow the ingredients to mix properly. The pan also needs to be hot enough (around 375°F), and not too oily.

One solution to an overly-oily pan is investing in a top-quality non-stick pan, and the Pendeford non-stick pan is one of the best on the market. As for flipping - every wannabe chef’s annual nightmare - try this spiffy Oxo pancake turner, with a wider spatula head, and a soft rubber grip to ensure you don’t slip-up under the pressure.

Batter up

pancake batter

Getting the pancake mix right is an artform in itself, and while anyone can buy packet mix, it’s hard to beat the sense of pride that comes with successfully whipping up your own batter. The ingredients are simple enough, but getting the proportions right can be a bit tricky.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” - at Mahahome, we recommend getting ready with an accurate Pyrex measuring jug, a top quality Tala sieve, and a sturdy Mason Cash whisk to mix everything together. And while a mixing bowl is important, we suggest using a specially-designed batter bowl, which has a handle and spout to ensure your batter hits the pan without wasting a drop.

Top it up

Jamie Oliver's One-cup pancakes with blueberries

Obviously the pancake is the star of the show, but a plain pancake is like an undecorated Christmas tree - a thing of natural beauty, but ultimately lacking. So, if you thought nailing the mixture, flipping 360° batter stunts and delivering an intact pancake was enough, think again.

Getting the toppings right is a tricky business in itself. You may have to contend with the rare breed of people who prefer their pancakes savoury - in which case, a classic ham and cheese would be a surefire crowd-pleaser.

If you’re rocking the cheese and ham option - as well you should - make sure you get your hands on a top quality cheese grater, such as Premier Housewares’ Omega 4-Way grater. Not only will you get your cheddar grated to perfection, but you’ll be able to use one of the other sides to zest your oranges for a classy crêpe suzette. Of course, if you’re going down that route, you’ll also need a juicer to finish off the syrup to go on top. With two attachments to cater for oranges, lemons and anything else squeezable, the OXO Good Grips juicer would be the best choice.

So make sure your Shrove Tuesday isn’t a flat affair, and look to Mahahome for all your Pancake Day accessories.