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Tefal: More than a flash in the pan

Tefal: More than a flash in the pan

The brand Tefal is not commonly associated with value homeware but at Mahahome you get such a fantastic price that you might wonder how we’ve done it.

The fact is, many companies with an online presence can start to offer homeware at lower prices without compromising the product and at Mahahome, we do it the best. Most of the individual Tefal items that we sell are under £20 and in many cases are even less. This makes picking up a quality Tefal fryer eminently possible for less than £10! The Tefal Armatal Harmony nonstick frying pan is an exceptional 24 centimetres wide and sports Unique Thermo Spot Technology which will improve both cooking times and cooking quality. There are so many fryers that don’t have the same features as this one and cost a lot more. The metal insert on the handle keeps you in control of the pan at all times when cooking on either electric or gas hobs. Of course, the non-stick coating helps a great deal, particularly for those cooks for whom cooking is literally a flash in the pan. Tefal do indeed have different sizes of pan with a 28 cm and 30 cm pan available.

If you are wanting to cook steaks but don’t want to pay too much for the privilege, then the Tefal Enjoy 26 cm Non Stick Grill pan is another very cost-effective option. Its rounded square design is great for putting under the grill with the only requirement that you remember to return and turn over the steak! This grill is notably different because it can also be placed in the oven and is safe up to temperatures of 180 degrees. It is always important to maintain a careful eye on the temperature, not just for your food but also for your pans. An entire set of Tefal Cookware can be bought for under £50 which includes 2 pans, a wok, 3 boiling pans and a set of spoons and spatulas, making for an even more cost effective bunch.


Tefal’s quality extends to toasters as well. We have a great selection including dual and quadruple toasters which not only deliver nicely crisp bread but look the part as well. Tefal Avanti is a beautifully elegant toaster that can be up to 40% faster than other toasters. The extra deep slots allow for even the thickest slices of bread to be toasted in a matter of seconds. It is also adept at toasting smaller items such as crumpets and bagels. The problem with many other toasters is that they don’t allow you to easily retrieve these items so easily, often getting burnt in the process. The high lift on this toaster however will lever up the item and allow you to retrieve it without wrecking it or burning yourself.

Each Tefal item is manufactured to the highest of standards and will be something that lasts you countless years rather than a matter of

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