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The Christmas Party Checklist

Christmas parties are always a success when the right people are invited, but making it feel like a special occasion can certainly feel like a lot of pressure.

Here at Mahahome, we love to imagine how our products might get used and we have come up with some ideas to make sure you get the perfect Christmas party.

The Festive Lighting


Fairy light jar image from Hometalk, via Pinterest. Decorative twig lights image from The Garden Glove, via Pinterest

If you’re transforming your home for this party, it’s important to get the atmosphere right. It’s likely that your guests are familiar with your living room, but lighting can really help you bring a bit more magic to your Christmas party.

What you’ll needOur PriceFairy Lights£2.50Tala Storage Jar£2.71Decorative Twig Lights£3.96

The Atmosphere


Fairy light jar image from Etsy, via Pinterest. Mulled wine image from Half Baked Harvest, via Pinterest

On a cold winter’s evening, there’s nothing better than stepping into a warm, softly-lit space. To add to the Christmas spirit, try making your own mulled wine and use clippings from your tree and garden to decorate your table. The only thing left to do is light some scented candles to make your home smell like christmas too.

What you’ll needOur PriceMulled Wine Scented Candle£4.81Spiced Apple Scented Candle£4.99

The Tree


Christmas tree image from DesignRulz, via Pinterest. Black and white Christmas tree image from Apartment Therapy, via Pinterest

It doesn’t matter what type of Christmas party you’re hosting or where it is, a Christmas tree will add the perfect amount of romance and nostalgia to your soiree. But real trees aren’t always a good fit, not to mention all the debris they leave behind. Artificial ones are a great alternative as they last for years and they come in standard shapes and modest sizes.

What you’ll needOur PricePre-lit and decorated tree£18.99Plain artificial tree£10.18

The Decorations


Candles image from Real Simple, via Pinterest. Baubles image from The Northern Light Blog, via Pinterest

If you don’t have the space for a tree or you’re trying to save the planet, there are so many things you can do with Christmas decorations that don’t involve hanging them on a tree. Why not turn your baubles into a festive chandelier or centrepiece?

What you’ll needOur PriceAssorted baubles£2.42Thread£2.01Tiered Cake Stand£11.66

The Party Food

When catering for a large amount of people, it’s usually best to keep things simple and keep the washing up to a minimum. So why not use disposable roasting tins and plates and some festive serviettes?


Chopping board image from Hither and Thither, via Pinterest. Dessert image from Life Love and Sugar, via Pinterest

If you prefer a more rustic, contemporary look, try serving nibbles on paddle chopping boards and serving drinks and desserts in jars. This is also a great option if you don’t have the space to sit everyone down banquet-style.

What you’ll needOur PricePaddle Chopping Board: