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The Luminarc Of Quality

The Luminarc Of Quality

When investing in top quality homeware brands like Luminarc, you can realise significant savings when buying online from us.

The Luminarc brand is particularly well thought of because the products have been designed to pass the most stringent of tests - that of everyday use! Luminarc have invested a lot of time ensuring that their products are tempered where possible to ensure that they are more resilient to bangs, dings and even drops. This can result in their items being two to three times stronger than many competitors.

So what does that get you?

A product that will last so much longer and will be used so often it will almost become a part of the family. When it comes to investing in dinner sets in particular, it can pay dividends if the product is resistant to washing - in particular in a washing machine. Designs on cups and plates have a tendency to fade very quickly after a few washes, but with Luminarc’s research, it should help your homeware to look great for longer. Over time of course, all designed plates will begin to fade through the eroding forces created by the strong water.

Luminarc products at Mahahome

One of the most affordable and consummately beautiful plates that we have is the Luminarc Black 20 cm Trianon Side Plate. This distinctive plate shuns the intricacies of other designs in favour of a bold black that relies on reflections to create its distinctive look. At under £2 each, these plates are an absolute snip if you are wanting to create a very distinguished look. These plates are also available in white. A Luminarc dinnerware set like this will be around for a very long time.

The designers also pull off a similar feat with the Carine Luminarc dinnerware set. Available in solid black and white colours, these rounded-square dinner plates are some of the best you can invest in, both coming in at less than £1.50 each. Considering that these plates are designed to last for a long time, they will allow you to dine in luxury each and every day. Luminarc devotees often comment that there plates are used both everyday and for best, since they stand up to chips and cracks better than other plates. Customers often end up being forced to use them simply because other brands don’t fare so well.

It is not just with dinnerware that Luminarc stand up well, we have a fantastic selection of glassware that can add a touch of lasting finesse to your drinks cupboard. The Excellence Flutes are the perfect way to celebrate, but with their tempered manufacturing process, the flutes should last longer than you’ve known before. The same can be said of their Cervoise beer glasses which are designed to give you a completely different experience when drinking beer.

June 10th, 2013

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