Bodum Travel Mug Collection

Now you do not have to compromise with the perfect cup of coffee when you are on the way out. At Mahahome we have a large collection of Bodum travel mugs which ensure that you enjoy your favourite cup of coffee wherever you go. The Bodum travel mugs are vaccum and made of heat retention insulated material which keeps the coffee hot for couple of hours. The travel mug is made from plastic, rubber, silicone and stainless steel.

The Bodum travel press is available in few different colours which are black, red, purple, lime green, etc and in two different sizes 0.35L and 0.45L at an invincible price. All the travel mugs are listed under the collection name Bodum Travel Mug Collection. So to have a great coffee, all you need to do is press down the plunger and out the door you go.

If you don’t find the bodum travel press that you are looking for, simply call us on 0208 810 5249 and we will be glad to help you. You can also drop us an email at


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