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Get great deals on Kilner bottles, drinking jars and glasses

Kilner bottles, jars and glasses in general have become quintessential kitchen items, and can be seen in any number of TV cookery shows. Attractive yet functional, every kitchen can benefit from Kilner’s range of products for proudly displaying foodstuffs or serving drinks.

Now with Mahahome, everybody can enjoy Kilner goods at affordable prices.

Choose Kilner for keeping food and drink fresh and beautiful

Keeping food fresh is a necessity, and Kilner jars are the perfect way to ensure your ingredients last longer. With Kilner jars coming with lids and seals in a range of styles and sizes, you can always find a suitable match for your kitchen.

There’s also a selection of accessories to complement both your Kilner bottles and jars. The addition of funnels makes it easy for you to fill your mini Kilner jars or bottles whilst replacement seals can always come in handy. We also stock additional lids, seals and labels for you to fill and file all of your finished preserves with ease.

Explore the whole Kilner range at affordable prices with Mahahome

At Mahahome, a wide range of Kilner’s finest products can be at your fingertips. Kilner jars and bottles can guarantee freshness and style - after all, they are part of Rayware’s family quality of kitchenware. Mahahome can guarantee the best prices on their products, with free shipping on orders over £40. So what are you waiting for?

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