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The Big Cheese Mouse Glue Trap, Twin Pack (STV)

The Big Cheese Mouse Glue Trap, Twin Pack (STV)


Designed for use in poison-sensitive environments, this Twin Pack of STV Mouse Glue Traps will help rid domestic and commercial premises from rodent infestations. Guaranteed to deliver results in areas where traditional rat poisons and mouse traps have failed, these super-strength glue traps stop rodent in their tracks, so you can release them back into the countryside or dispose of them in a humanely manner.

Poison free and easy to use, your simply remove the protective cover from the STV Mouse Glue Traps, add some bait such as chocolate, cheese or peanut butter, and place them in areas where rats and mice have been seen.  The results are quick, and rodents will become stuck to the trap on impact, and so regular checking is advised.


  • Poison Free
  • Pack Includes 2 x STV Mouse Glue Traps
  • Effective on Mice and Rats
  • Guaranteed Results in Areas where Poisons and Traps have Failed
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets
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    22cm x 14cm x 1c m
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