The Big Cheese Rat Rodent Glue Trap, Single Pack (STV)

The Big Cheese Rat Rodent Glue Trap, Single Pack (STV)


Exterminate rats and create a rodent free environment with the STV Rat Rodent Glue Trap. Designed for use in areas when traditional traps and poisons have failed, these adhesive traps can be placed almost anywhere in domestic and commercial premises. You simply peel off the protective paper and position them in areas where rats are known to be a problem.

Poison free, this STV Rat Glue Trap is highly effective at catching rodents that have developed a resistance to other methods such as warfarin, and so it can help prevent infestation and the spread of associated diseases.


  • 1 STV Rat Rodent Glue Trap
  • Effective on all Rodents
  • Ready to Use: Peel off Protective Paper
  • Suitable for Domestic and Commercial Use
  • Poison Free
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 14cm x 1cm


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