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Churchill Blue Willow Milk Jug , 850ml
Churchill China

Churchill Blue Willow Milk Jug , 850ml


The Legend of Blue willow is depicted on this classic collection.

Originally hand engraved in the 19th century onto copper plates, great skill was used to achieve the utmost detail and clarity Blue Willow has since become a timeless classic, collected all over the world. So the story of Blue Willow goes that once in ancient China, there lived a rich mandarin, whose beautiful daughter was betrothed to a wealthy old merchant Her affections, however, lay elsewhere - on her father's poor but handsome secretary.

When their secret meetings were discovered the girl was imprisoned in her father's pagoda From there, she concealed messages in coconut shells and floated them downstream to her lover. The mandarin, sensing something was going on, hastened the wedding arrangements but the secretary and daughter promptly eloped. In a small boat, right in the middle of the sea, the mandarin caught them In his parental wrath he was about to beat them to death when divine intervention caused them to turn into a pair of turtle doves. The mandarin, his plans foiled, returned to his pagoda, whilst the turtle doves flew freely above.


  • Blue Willow by Churchill
  • Size: 800ml
  • Crafted in fine Earthenware
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe


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