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Anolon: Redefine your kitchen and cooking

Just how much of an effect do beautifully designed pots and pans have on a kitchen?

The answer is: a considerable effect. If you have a kitchen to be proud of (or even if you don’t), the sort of homewares you are using could be the tipping point in your impression of it.

Many people get very used to their kitchen design over time and for a variety of reasons begin to think that it is worse than it actually is. What they may be noticing however, is the cookware rather than the kitchen itself. Badly matching items or ones that are simply run down and grotty, can drag down the perception of a perfectly good looking kitchen. Investing in a new range of dinnerware could make all the difference, refreshing the look of the kitchen while also providing some complements to the current design scheme.

At Mahahome we stock one of the most sought after brands in terms of cookware and dinnerware. Anolon are one of those manufacturers who simply do not produce a substandard piece of cookware. Everything is beautifully realised, from the elegant chrome roasters to the cast iron square bakers. Pulling these from the oven when they are full of piping hot food is poetry itself, particularly when you are playing host to guests.

The Raymond Blanc Black Cast Iron Baker can be placed directly onto the dining table for guests to help themselves and you won’t be worried that its looks will let you down. Its two-tone contrasting look, deep body and hanging handles make it the highly durable and good looking baker you’ve always wanted.

Similarly, the Raymond Blanc Non-Stick Roaster & Rack at 16 inches can make all the difference when you are cooking a large roast. It is designed for safety and optimal cooking and you will find using and cleaning it a breeze. Having a range of Anolon cookware to call upon can ensure that you are never stuck for choice when you need to entertain those all important guests.

If you thought the bakers and roasters were well designed, Anolon pans are in a different league. Stainless steel is very difficult to get wrong at the best of times, but it is equally as difficult to get perfectly right. This is what Anolon have managed to do with their stockpot, saucepan and sauteuse. These not only look elegant upon the top of your cooker but also provide exceptional performance due to the double full cap base which makes use of bonded aluminium, copper and stainless steel, which improves the overall performance and cooking times. The heat distribution across the base is often far better than most traditional pans which results in no hot spots that can not only ruin your cooking but also ruin your pan.

With Anolon on your side you will march into the kitchen with supreme confidence that the cookware will perform exactly as expected. Abnormal cooking times can be caused by the cookware, which is an issue Anolon seem to have solved with elegance.

May 29th, 2013