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Right as Rain - Mahahome’s Storm Shopping List

Don’t let the rain rain on your parade. With record showers hitting the UK this winter, we take a look at some of our best products that will help you stay dry.

Punch Black, 300 ml Raingard Weather Proofer - £5.57

Punch Black Weather ProoferPuddles can put an end to dreams of wearing new shoes. Luckily, this can of weather proofer will infuse even the flimsiest footwear with water-defiant properties.

It works on more than just shoes. If you’re worried about water seeping through your bag and soaking your possessions, buy yourself some weather proofer and worry no more.

H & L Russel Suit Cover Soft Touch - £1.99 & H & L Dress Cover Soft Touch, Blue - £2.99

H & L Russel Suit Cover Soft TouchIs the rain stopping you from carrying your clothing around town? Maybe you want to bring your suit to the dry cleaners without it getting rinsed in rainwater on the way. Or perhaps you want to go to work on a Friday equipped with a change of dress for the dancefloor after hours. Your dreams of doing either of these things will be dashed without reliable clothing cover of some kind.

H&L’s Soft Touch Suit and Dress Covers combine affordable prices with airtight protection. Keep these covers on your clothing even when it isn’t raining to prevent creasing, moth-biting and dust-gathering.

The covers are also, as the name implies, pleasantly soft to touch.

PMS Tarpaulin with 10 Eyes, Blue, 2.74m x 3.65m - £3.55

PMS TarpaulinIf you want to cover more than a simple suit or dress, it might be worth investing in this PMS International super heavy duty tarpaulin. Perfect for keeping cars, vans or boats out of the rain. Non-vehicular uses include camping and garden-covering.

When the rain clears and the sun comes out, you can keep using this tarpaulin as protection from those pesky UV rays. Drape it over your body for a quirky alternative to sun cream.

KS Brands Tartan Supermini Umbrella - £2.34

KS Brands Tartan Supermini UmbrellaStill mourning the loss of the Scottish referendum last year? Keep yourself dry while you dream of an independent Scotland with this genuine tartan umbrella. The broad spectrum of Scottish society is represented in this umbrella collection, with tartans from all over the land from the heights of Ben Nevis to the depths of Loch Ness.

Punch Orange, 200 ml Extreme Weather Proofer - £7.49 & Punch Black, 200 ml Suede Weather Proofer - £6.20

Punch Orange, 200 ml Extreme Weather ProoferIf Punch’s Rainguard Weather Proofer just wasn’t strong enough, extreme weatherproofing might be for you. On the other hand, if like a man named Elvis, all you care about are your blue suede shoes, it you may only need to purchase Suede Weather Proofer.

Whatever your weatherproofing needs, Mahahome can help you through this rainy time.