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Temperature Control With Thermos

When it comes to maintaining the temperature of a particular drink or food item, there is no better brand than Thermos.

The term Thermos has become a genericised word throughout much of the world for an object that might be referred to as a vacuum or Dewar flask.

James Dewar invented the flask which is designed to insulate in order to stop the heat transfer between the internal contents of the flask and the outside. This is the principle which allows it to maintain colder temperatures as well as hot ones. It might come as a surprise but the term vacuum flask is very apt since the gap between the outer and inner flasks is almost a vacuum. This allows the heat transfer to be slowed down, thus keeping your drink hot or cold for longer. The flipside of this is that a Thermos item doesn’t become hot to the touch either. It is a great invention that we take for granted these days but flasks like this can cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t come to Mahahome. Of course, the brand Thermos is one of the leading suppliers of vacuum flasks and typically produce the vast majority of them. They always seem to be in demand!

We have a great range of cheap homewares including many different types of Thermos flasks. Their products are typically very well constructed and look great. Our Thermos Stainless Steel King Flask holds 0.4 litres and is perfect for those trips where a hot coffee is an absolute necessity, even after hours of travelling. As you might expect, the chrome design makes the flask look so good that you may well want to show it off in its own right. Typically coming in at less than £20, this flask is a great investment which will find use again and again. It is also built to withstand harsh conditions and will be with you for countless years to come.

This brings us onto the Thermos food flask. So how can a flask store food? Well, solid foods are probably not the best option because these cannot be kept warm as easily and may not even fit into the flask in the first place. It is generally meant for watery or very dense foods such as soup, fruits, yoghurts, marmalades and others. The great thing about this flask though is that it can be put in the microwave and the food will be heated up in a matter of minutes, yet will take hours to cool down again. If you are wanting to keep something hotter that is more solid, then this is the perfect solution - all you need is a spoon!

This brings us onto other items that truly are designed for solid food to be kept warm or cool. The CoolTec Compartment Lunch Bag is the perfect solution when it comes to ensuring that your picnic doesn’t spoil in summer, or that your heated foods still have some heat left in them when you want tuck in.

May 6th, 2013