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Cash in on Rayware sales

Cash in on Rayware sales

Discovering a homeware sale is always great if you are looking to refresh your dining experience on a budget.

At Mahahome we have a wide range of elegant and beautifully realised products that can be available at impossibly low prices. For you, however, it could mean the opportunity to find that brand you always wanted to invest in but couldn’t quite justify in terms of price.

Rayware is a renowned manufacturer of quality homeware products that have prestige and class attached to them. Their effortless designs add grace to any kitchen or dining area and you will be proud to use their products on a daily basis. They also bring a traditional element to contemporary designs allowing you to work with the aesthetic of your home while also adding something new. If you find a sale at Mahahome, then designer products like these are certainly a bonus, although our non-sale prices are also very competitive.

One such example of this company’s elegance is the 45cl Milan Bullet Mug. It is almost offensive to call such a sweeping and swanlike product like this a mug because it will add whole new level of class to any home it is used in. When you consider that we stock these items for as low as £1 each, it makes a great deal of sense to invest now. A bullet mug like this is great for cappuccinos and all coffees as well as specialist teas. Of course, what you want to use it for is up to you, but the design will complete the experience for you.

Dinnerware design is something that is very easy to get wrong and equally hard to get perfectly right. The Aqua Dinner Plate is a good example of how a design can remain restrained while also adding a dash of colour that generates an aesthetically pleasing dining experience. The dish is largely a muted aquamarine tone that evokes the ocean without being too obvious about it, while the rim has a deep earthy brown, creating a dish that frames your culinary delights. At less than a pound each, these are a fantastic investment that can be bought in bulk.

It is Rayware ceramics that really come into their own. We have a wide selection, many of which often find themselves in sales. The Harvest Ceramic Round Casserole dish is a great investment that holds up to 3 litres while also being dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, giving you plenty of options for cleaning, reheating and storage. The richly toned brown colour is a timeless classic that will find use for countless years to come.

We also have a Ceramic Harvest Square Roaster designed to compliment the casserole dish. It boasts all of the same cleaning and heating features and is 25 cm square by 7 cm deep giving you plenty of space for even the biggest roasts. These also come in rectangular varieties each of different sizes to give you the maximum space when roasting. It might be a good idea to measure your oven before investing, however.

June 3rd, 2013

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