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Delivery and affordable extras

Delivery and affordable extras

There are many advantages to buying your homewares online rather than going to physical stores and these advantages extend beyond simple price.

Since our homeware stores are all located in London we have created Mahahome.com to offer these products nationwide and internationally. This can allow anyone to take advantage of some of the best designer homeware products and tools at prices that really do save you time and money.

We can deliver around the planet, but it is always important to understand the prices involved in doing so. Homeware products are not known to be the lightest, and when it comes to pottery and ceramics in particular, the weight can drive up the price considerably. If you cannot source the same homewares in your country, this is a great way to get them, however. We make clear the delivery charges by kilogram, so you can always work out how much the post is going to cost and whether it is advantageous of you to use it. In mainland UK, you can spend £40 or more to qualify for our free delivery service which will further reduce the overall price of your investment.

When creating your order it is important to consider that we have a wide variety of products available. While you might have come to us purely for the designer kitchenware products, you may also find that we have fantastic prices on Rolson quality tools, for instance. These DIY tools are being sold at incredible prices that could help you to get the staple DIY tools at fantastic prices.

You may also be able to reach the £40 mark, guaranteeing free delivery while actually getting more for your money. Rolson produce such a wide range of tools like the Household Tool Kit for less than £10. An item like this will always find use around your house but without it, you might struggle to even fix a plug! We’re sure you’ll be able to find something you depend on daily while also noting the exceptional high quality of Rolson’s tools.

If you are looking for tools specific to cookery and the kitchen, then we also have another fantastic make for you: Tala kitchenware is a trusted name when it comes to investing in those sometimes specialist cooking utensils that can really add some variety to your culinary creations. These include pastry brushes, baking trays, bean slicers, tea strainers, peelers, chopping boards, thermometers and much more. Even the larger products such as non-stick pans are eminently affordable, and because they are manufactured by Tala, they are built to last. The vast majority of these items are available for a bargain price of a few pounds each, allowing you to add as many as you need without incurring penalties in UK mainland shipping.

If you want to get that free delivery, then adding some Tala products to your shopping basket is a great way to stock up on cooking tools that truly add versatility. Simply browse our website to find page after page of affordable Tala and Rolson products that can form the bedrock of your domestic life.

July 10th, 2013

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