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Pyrex Dishes – From Time Saving Cookware to Collectible

Pyrex Dishes – From Time Saving Cookware to Collectible

Pyrex dishes have come a long way in their 100-year history. Products remain time-saving, are versatile, innovative and collectable. More than 100 years ago the iconic Pyrex borosilicate glass was created. Despite cooking trends and fads changing over the years, Pyrex dishes have stood the test of time and remain as popular as ever today.

From Nonex railroad lanterns to Pyrex kitchenware

Pyrex began life in 1908 with scientists at the Corning Glass Works.However, at this time the glass wasn’t specifically designed for or aimed at cookware.It was used for railroad lanterns and battery jars and called Nonex.

It wasn’t until years later, in 1913, when the wife of a researcher working at Corning had trouble with her poor quality cookware that Pyrex dishes made their way into the kitchen and oven.Thanks to Bessie Littleton and her cracked earthenware baking dish, Pyrex kitchenware was born. Little did she know the impact it would have on kitchens around the world and how the brand would flourish?

It was quickly realised that the borosilicate glass helped to cut down cooking time, offered uniform baking and was stick-proof. Making a casserole or roast would never be the same again.

When first introduced to the market as cookware in 1915, Pyrex launched just twelve items. Many of these are still being sold today. By 1919 Pyrex was advertising more than 100 styles and sizes of dishes, bowls and more. Today that range has swelled considerably.

Pyrex dishes are time savers and versatile

The borosilicate glass changed everything thanks to its versatility; dishes could be used in the oven, put in the microwave and even stored in the freezer and fridge.

Glass Pyrex dishes cut down on the amount of washing up and time spent in the kitchen when cooking a delicious homemade meal, being extremely easy to clean.

Any leftovers didn’t have to be transferred to another storage container; the same dish could be popped in the fridge and then taken out and reheated. Even the strongest curry could be cooked and stored in the dishes without the glass retaining flavours or it becoming stained.

Whether it was because it was easy to clean, the glass allowed you to see your meal cooking or you could cook and serve in the same dish, Glass Pyrex dishes have become a staple among kitchenware. The name has become an icon and has stood the test of time.

Highly collectable

While Pyrex has continued to innovate and come up with new ways to make cooking and baking easier, vintage Pyrex dishes still remain highly coveted and some have become collector’s items.

The patterns on some of the earliest styles of dishes have even been copied by some fans and collectors of Pyrex, who have had them tattooed permanently on their bodies.

Today the opaque brightly coloured patterned pieces from Pyrex made in the 1900s are highly collectable and sold and traded online. The rarest colours and patterns are often bid on and are worth many thousands of pounds.

Who knows, perhaps the new ranges of Pyrex coming out today will be worth a lot of money in years to come.

The Pyrex dishes of today

The Pyrex dishes of today have moved away from the bright turquoise, greens and reds and the most well-known and seen in today’s kitchens are the clear glass.These are stylish and efficient and still designed in the same borosilicate glass they were made in over one hundred years ago.

The range of dishes has expanded to include numerous different collections, including flan dishes, soufflé, quiche dishes, loaf dishes, Bake & Enjoy ranges, Cook and Go, Cook and Store and many more.

Today there are dishes in all shapes and sizes.There is something for everyone. Whether you want to make a family casserole and slow cook it all day, you want to make a roast dinner, cook and store meals for later, freeze food or even cook and take your meal on the go to the office or a picnic, Pyrex has the answer.

Huge range of Pyrex dishes

MahaHome stock one of the largest ranges and collections of Pyrex dishes in the UK and offer products with discount pricing.

If you are looking for a new roasting pan, there is a wide choice, including rectangular, square and oval in classic white.Making a casserole? Check out the range of Pyrex dishes in the easy-grip collection, in a range of sizes from 1L to 3.5L and for the perfect roast, there is a range of Pyrex Inspiration glass dishes.

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