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Shh! - Mahahome's Top 10 Secret Santa Picks

Shh! - Mahahome's Top 10 Secret Santa Picks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. There’s much mistletoeing. Hearts are a-glowing. But now you’ve got yourself involved in a secret Santa situation and you have no idea what to get. Fear not! We’ve got you covered. Here are our top 10 secret Santa picks for all your secretive gift-giving needs.

Kilner Drinking Jar - £2.45

If you’ve got your finger on the pulse you’ll know that drinking from a jar is the only way to consume liquid these days. From cooling cocktails to warming winter beverages, every drink looks and tastes better in a jar. Your secret Santa recipient will remain hydrated and on-trend at all times.

It’s also available in blue, green and pink if you want to get funky with it.

KS Brands Knitted Hot Water Bottle - £5.90

For the friend who feels the cold, a knitted hot water bottle is the perfect secret Santa present. The rubber bottle keeps the water warm but the knitted cover makes cuddling it comfortable.

Available in hedgehog or owl designs. As long as the whoever you’re buying for loves cute animals, there should be no problem. And if they don’t love cute animals, maybe they don’t deserve a present.

Premier Housewares Flip Alarm Clock, Lime Green - £6.05

Is your secret Santa recipient always late? This quirky alarm clock could be a great gag gift. When they stop laughing, they’ll start appreciating the clock’s bold, modern design, and maybe they’ll start being on time too.

Lloytron Entertainer AM/FM Personal Radio, Includes Free Headphones - £5.07

Who said radio was dead? If you’re buying for a sports fan, a music fan or a fan of The Archers, this portable personal radio will be a wonderful present. We’ve even thrown in free headphones because we’re generous like that.

Premier Decorations Musical Light-Up Antlers, 40cm - £1.67

Need a secret Santa present for someone who is crazy about Christmas? Buy them some musical light-up antlers. It will be socially acceptable to wear them until the 26th December.

Premier Housewares Dark Oak Wooden Photo Frame, 4x6 inches - £3.47

A photo frame is always a safe secret Santa bet. This frame is stylish yet homely. Insert a photo of yourself and the recipient for added thoughtfulness. Insert a photo of just yourself for added humour.

Elgate Assorted Colours 50 Pounds Epoxy Magnet with Backing Card, 8 cm - £1.23

When your friend sees you bought them a £50 note for secret Santa even though there was a £5 limit, they’ll think you’re the most generous human being alive. When they look closer and see that it’s a magnet, they’ll know the truth: you’re hilarious. And they’ll have a quality fridge ornament to remind them of that fact whenever they fetch the milk.

Elgate Assorted Colours Britannia Union Jack Soft Toy in Mini Mug, 9 cm - £3.99

For someone who loves cuddling, cups of tea and celebrating their British heritage, this Union Jack-clad teddy bear and mug set is the ideal secret Santa solution. Start humming ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ to them as they open it to create a truly British gift giving experience.

Elgate Royal Wedding Kiss Heart Compact Mirror - £2.45

Keep those Royal Wedding memories alive this Christmas with a beautiful heart shaped compact mirror. Whoever receives this is sure to appreciate the pure love Wills and Kate share, and to remember that wonderful day. It may have been four years ago but it feels like only yesterday.

Ravenhead Small Tank Vase - £4.99

This simple, elegant vase makes a delightful secret santa present. Pull out some flowers from behind your back for an added element of surprise.

Prices correct at the time of writing (23/12/2015).

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