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Summer Camping, Picnics and Festival Essentials

Summer Camping, Picnics and Festival Essentials

The great British summer, short-lived as it may be, is packed full of opportunities to enjoy a bit of time away with friends and family while the weather is fine.

Picnics, summer festivals and long camping weekends are great ways to unwind and shake off those cobwebs, but as fun, as they are, you can be a bit limited to what you can take along with you. There are a few essentials that we just cannot do without, such as a good Insulated Cooler Bag that keeps your drinks cold in the heat whilst on the go- or that tube of sunblock to put on your nose. Here are a couple of other essential items we think you cannot do without:

Keeping it cool!

A cool box is a necessity when you are going out for a picnic or to enjoy a day at an outdoor event and cool boxes are designed to be really easy to carry along with you. In a market that is chocked full of different sizes and styles of cool boxes, it can be difficult to choose one. Luckily we have the perfect solution with our Thermos Weekend Coolbox. This 32-litre lightweight cool box has plenty of room to keep your food and drinks cool and can even hold a 2ltr drinks bottle upright!

The robust and solid construction of the cool box means your food will not get squashed or crushed while you are carrying it around. The same cannot be said for those soggy and sad sandwiches that are often shoved into backpacks without a second thought.

Apart from keeping your drinks cool, you can also bring along your favourite foods from home, including cooked meats, boiled eggs and dairy snacks such as cheese – all those delicious foods that usually need constant refrigeration to keep them fresh.

You can pack enough tasty food to take along with you for the whole day without worrying about it spoiling, but doing this will also save you lots of money because you will be able to avoid buying overpriced fast food and expensive cold drinks from on-site vendors and burger vans.

Chilled drinks all day long

Talking of refreshing cold drinks - no one likes to drink lukewarm juice, cordial or water on a hot summers day. Warm weather makes everyone thirsty, so we are going to need something to keep your drinks chilled to perfection for ultimate thirst-quenching.

OK, you can stock up your cool box with plenty of drinks cans or bottles to keep you going through the day, but if you are catering for a lot of friends or family members, then why not choose something like a cold drinks dispenser?

Modern dispenser-style Thermos flasks are perfect for both hot and cold drinks – again saving you a huge amount of money on overpriced insipid tasting cafe-lattes served in a cardboard cup from a fast food van. You can load them up with your favourite blend of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, or choose to keep yourself cool with chilled juice or cordial for all-day refreshment.

You should stay well hydrated during hot weather, so for this important job you should consider using a Thermos Lever Action Pump Pot Glass Flask.

We especially like the fact that you don't have to remove the whole lid to pour your drinks, meaning that the flask will keep your drinks at a more consistent temperature for longer. With a generous 2.5 litre capacity, this unique drinks dispenser is glass lined and will keep your hot drinks perfectly hot for up to 12 hours and will keep your cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours – perfect for a camping weekend!

So when you are going out and about this summer, be sure to keep your cool in the warm weather with deliciously fresh, healthy food and plenty of chilled drinks.

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