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Image - Pyrex Bake & Enjoy Glass Multipurpose Cooking Sheet High Resistance, 32x26cm


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We stock one of the biggest ranges of Pyrex products online for discount prices, including Pyrex dishes, Pyrex jugs, Pyrex Cook and Go and plenty more.

Here at Mahahome, we are proud to say we stock one of the biggest ranges of Pyrex products in the UK and all with the lowest prices you could find online. Among the huge range of products we have in stock are Pyrex Cook and Store and the Pyrex Cook and Go Range. We also have casserole dishes by Pyrex and even Pyrex baking trays. We have everything Pyrex!

In fact, we stock almost 30 different collections with well over 228 products in total from this well-known brand name.

Why we love Pyrex

Pyrex is a brand we love and so do many millions of people worldwide, for very good reason. The brand designs and makes the best kitchenware and cookware on the market, products that have been relied on since 1887 and which have continued to improve.

The borosilicate glass cookware we know today started as Nonex in 1887 and immediately become a huge success. During this time the glass was used in signalling lanterns on railroads.

It wasn’t until 1915 that the Pyrex brand name came to life and began to be used for kitchenware and cookware thanks to the glass being resistant to both cold and high temperatures.

Pyrex dishes came into their own during 1948 and items quickly spread throughout kitchens. Fast forward to 1985 and it was the official launch of the Pyrex freezer storage containers, which would eventually become the Pyrex Cook and Go range.

The brand continued innovating and adding new ranges to the market to continue meeting the needs of consumers, including the Pyrex Cook and Store collection.

Today Pyrex has become one of the most widely-recognised names in kitchenware thanks to the huge range of Pyrex dishes, Pyrex bowls, Pyrex jugs and many more everyday essential kitchen items.

We stock a huge range of products in many styles, collections and a wealth of colours.

Pyrex – The name for quality home cooking

We stock Pyrex dishes, including casserole dishes, in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. This ensures there is a dish for whatever type of dish you are preparing and cooking. Along with the standard borosilicate glass dishes we also stock ceramic dishes.

For busy families, there are the iconic Pyrex casserole dishes. Not only are they great for slow cooking the perfect family meal, but they also make great roasting dishes.

The Pyrex Classic Collection

Among the many collections MahaHome stocks is the Classic Collection.

The Pyrex Classic Collection consists of a range of glass Pyrex dishes, Pyrex casserole dishes, roasters, flan dishes, ramekins and more and all at great prices.

The Pyrex Cook & Go Collection

The Pyrex Cook and Go Collection is a great choice for busy families.

We stock everything from the Cook and Go pasta box to a range of assorted sizes and shapes of Pyrex dishes with lids.

All of the Pyrex dishes are made from glass and are great to enjoy home cooking on the go. With this collection, you can prepare and cook your food, store it, then take it with you when you go out. They are perfect for taking to the office or on a picnic thanks to their leak-proof lids.

The Pyrex Cook & Store Collection

The Pyrex Cook & Store Collection is another superb innovation from this great brand name.

These are great for single people or small households who want to cook larger meals and store them for later on in the week.

They are also a great way to store any leftovers and they keep food fresh for longer. This collection is made from borosilicate glass and is suitable for the oven. Once you have cooked and cooled your food you can then place it in the fridge or even the freezer.

The Pyrex Cook & Store collection is made up of dishes that can be stacked, so you save space and are available in a range of sizes.

Why buy from MahaHome?

The above are just a few of the many ranges of Pyrex we stock. In fact, MahaHome stocks one of the largest ranges of Pyrex in the UK and for the lowest prices online. Whether you are looking for the handy Pyrex Cook and Store range, the Pyrex Cook and Go or you just want a new Pyrex baking tray, we stock them.

We have been in the business of offering low priced high-quality homeware and kitchenware products since 1994, having a presence on the high streets in London. We have built a strong reputation on being able to offer a huge range of products with great value prices.

Along with this MahaHome offers a great level of customer service and respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

We offer a price match on products and give you 365-day returns on products.